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NOTE: Because the TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes website takes advantage of all the latest advances in programming languages and computer technologies, please be sure you have updated to the latest version of your web browser in order to successfully use this website. This site has been tested with many browsers. We have found the FREE Firefox browser performs flawlessly and renders this site beautifully on all machines and therefore recommend its use when viewing this website. You may download the Firefox Browser by clicking here.

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This site uses what is known as Cookies, which are small pieces of data for some of the site's functions. If you are having problems, be sure to first check if your browser is set to accept cookes and/or add to your accepted cookies list.

The latest (PC) version 7 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been demonstrated to work well. Mac users must use Firefox or Safari versions 2.0. Note however that Safari does not work with the time zone selection and has therefore been preset to Central Standard Time (US) for Safari users. Netscape Browser must be 8.0.2 or later. If you have the upgraded to the latest version of your browser and continue to experience difficulties, it is local to your computer and you will need to work with another browser in order to effectively use this website (we recommend Firefox).


We have found some instances where firewall settings are set too high on some systems, blocking you from entering or using the site, as it won't allow the cookie we set to be installed. Generally however, they have not been demonstrated to be a problem. If you are accessing this website from a network, please contact your systems administrator for help with this.

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You will need to have your screen resolution set to at least 800x600 in order to view this site properly. We recommend however that you use settings of 1024x768 or equal. This site will work with 256 color settings, however, High Color (16 bit) or True Color (24 bit) are the preferred settings.

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We have found that if you have set your computers Display Font Size at larger than normal size which is 96 dpi, you might see the new windows we open up with extra sets of scroll bars and other anomalies may occur. The site is still functional, it just is not displaying as intended.

Be sure to also read the Support FAQ inside the website.

Revised December 23, 2006

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