My Personal Clock

We may not be aware of it today, but there are actually three kinds of time. Two of these systems we are very familiar with, while the third has been long neglected.

The first kind of time is clock time. Clock time is measured by our watch or clock. It is distinguished by twelve sub-divisions (the hours). The second kind of time is calendar time. Calendar time is measured by our monthly and yearly calendar of twelve sections (or months).

The third kind of time, which is less known and less used, may be referred to as “Psychological Time.” Psychological Time is measured by the zodiac of twelve signs. The zodiac is, in fact, a clock for measuring inner time. Humans are, at this time, veritable slaves of the first two kinds of time. Time, at this time, is certainly not our friend.

After all, what would happen to each of us if, as an experiment, we disposed of our wrist-watches, clocks, date-books and calendars for a short period? We would obviously find ourselves in temporal chaos. Well, this is the state of our souls. Our souls are lost in the oceans of time and causality because we are not utilizing our most valuable inner clock. It is time, now, to find and take back, that which we have long been compelled to discard. It is time employ our Personal Timescope. It is the ally and friend we cannot afford to lock out of our lives.

Time is magical. It is an abstract concept, but we have learned to measure it by artificial means - through clocks and calendars. Therefore, clocks, watches, and calendars are metaphysical in nature. They are all based on the sacred number 12, and were fashioned in accordance with ancient understandings concerning the intimate connection between consciousness and physical matter.

Now, even though the clock and the calendar are based on metaphysical principles - they are “universal, ” they don't apply to the individual per se. And what's more, they have actually become the means by which our souls are trapped in matter, in Karma.

Karma is just the Eastern term for Time. We are trapped in time, and have to slave away to get so little because we are not using our own inner clock, or timeline. We, at TimeGnosis, believe that this kind of slavery must end - but with the right use of time.

That is what TimeGnosis and Personal Timescopes is all about. It is your date of birth which connects YOU to your Personal Timescope, and which enables YOU to break free from the stranglehold of karmic time. It is what “Makes time your best friend, ” and which puts the fun and magic back into your life. When we master the secret keys of Time, we will find so many other things coming on track in our lives, in areas we can't even imagine before hand.