Personal Web Feed

Acess your Personal Intentions from anywhere! Get your Personal Intentions delivered daily directly to your desktop or Internet enabled mobile device! TimeGnosis now offers its members a live Web Feed of their daily, monthly, and yearly Personal Intentions. A web feed is used to easily provide users with frequently updated content This assures that you get the information you want when you want it! Content providers such as TimeGnosis can syndicate a web feed, allowing users to subscribe to it using just about any web enabled device. To find out more about web feeds, click here.


The RSS Web Feed Icon There are countless feed subscription applications for the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. There are also many web based feed subscription services such as Google Reader. In order to subscribe to your own Personal Intentions Feed, choose the subscription solution that fits your needs and using the full url listed above, follow the subscription directions provided with your chosen solution.

To subscribe using a mobile or other web enabled device, ensure that the device supports RSS 2.0 web feeds and then use the full url listed above to follow the instructions provided with your device.

TimeGnosis cannot possibly provide support for the infinite number of ways to subscribe to a feed. If you are having trouble with your subscription, contact the support services for your device or program manufacturer.