(As told by TimeGnosis co-author Michael Tsarion) “The reason why your Personal Timescope works so well results from our drawing on a powerful combination of the best cross-section of highly advanced quantum mechanics, chaos theory and anomaly research principles integrated with the science of number archetypes and the ancient Sacred sciences including astronomy, advanced principles of Taroscopic Astrology and Numerology. For generations Astrologists and Numerologists have been working with an erroneous system that is accurate only up to a point. TimeGnosis corrects these inaccuracies.

I have personally used Numerology for years, but had noticed many errors and inconsistencies in the old system. I decided to learn all I could about the system and to develop a new, better one. The most important ground-breaking improvement concerned linking Numerology with the Zodiac in a simple, but enormously effective, manner.”

But why do we really need the ancient meta-science of Number Archetypes?

“Well, think about the last time your day just “fell apart” and you were beside yourself. In fact, think of a month or even of a year in which "damage-control" took up all your energy, and when nothing seemed to go your way. Think back to that time of losses, bereavement and hostility. If you think about it there are a lot of such episodes in your life. And there is a good reason why. That reason has nothing to do with your incompetence, lack of passion or desire to get ahead. No, it has to do with not being able to correctly know when the TIME is right for certain projects and actions.

During a week, or a month, or a year, there are certain days (called Personal Days), when the energy is right only for you. Then there are other Personal Days which act as warnings to forthcoming obstacles and rivalries, etc. Knowing which days are your Personal Days, during the month, is vital to your overall empowerment and success. The science of Numbers is an ancient science made more applicable than ever in the present digital age. It is simpler to learn than all other complex timing systems. In fact, we have done all the work for you. If you can use a wrist-watch, a clock and a calendar, then you can use your Personal Timescope. At a glance you will know exactly when to act, when to hold back, when to trust, when to avoid, when to travel, date, debut your skills, engage other people, convene meetings, invest finances, make important purchases, move home or property, make appointments with lawyers, doctors, mechanics, or other agents, and how to know what the motives of others are from simply knowing when they got in touch with you. Does this sound like magic, or too good to be true? Well, the elites, tycoons, and royals of the world have made good use of this knowledge for generations for their empowerment. We believe that all humanity should benefit from the wisdom of the ancients. And we've seen the results in our own lives.

Let's remember just how important time is. Time undergirds every single thing we do, and everything we ever will do. It can be our most formidable adversary, but it can also be our greatest friend, leading us to our success and empowerment.”

What has made Timescopes so successful?

“Because our concept resonates with people on a primal level, something within us knows when we are pushing to hard to receive so little. Something inside knows we are running on empty, and not in full possession of the tools of empowerment. We often cannot articulate this feeling, but it is there beneath our conscious thought processes. We find our members taking to this system like bees to honey, because many people are aware that so many important successes in their lives had to do with appropriate time-management. Instead of making a few spasmodic lucky-breaks, the Timescopes brings you full time-empowerment now, all the time, for all time. And it does this simply and directly.”

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A Typical Client Experience

A client who has had many charts from Michael called him urgently one day a few years ago. She had just been offered the deal of a lifetime from an associate she had known for many years. Let's pick up Michael's story…

“A famous bookstore, in my client's area, was being offered for sale, and my client was one of the first people approached by the owner. It seemed like an opportunity not to be missed. Many other people were in line after her, and she felt privileged to be offered the store. The offer seemed to answer many prayers in my client's life. And she did the right thing. She contacted me, and using her Personal Timescope wanted me to “predict” the outcome for her. Would the sale go through, and would it be good for her to have this store and to commit her finances, her time and her energy to the project? Wow! What a chance she had. I knew that I had to let her know what she had to do. And I knew that I had to tell her the right information.

In working with the Personal Timescope, I am different from what most astrologers and numerologists attempt to do. First, I don't “predict” events in the way that we think is traditional by these other means. The true diviner does not, in fact, “predict” anything. The secret of whether something is positive or negative, good or bad, for us lies in the moment that it comes before us. It has to do with “Synchronicity” and in the magic of NOW, and not in peering into the distant future. Our higher guides give us our intimation in the here and NOW, and not in the fogs of non-existent tomorrows.

I simply asked my client to tell me, as precisely as she could, when she was in that store, when she had the conversation, and when she was approached with the seemingly “once in a lifetime” offer. Fortunately, my client remembered the date clearly. She had taken my in-person classes and knew well to take note of such episodes.

It turned out that the timing based on her Personal Timescope was not right for her at all. It clearly warned her not to go ahead. In time, she did find out that she would have inherited massive amounts of debt and would have been in a colossal legal bind from taking on this store. Her time, her energy, and her resources were saved. And her salvation cost her no more than one phone call and few dollars consultation.

I have advised the same for clients involved in million-dollar deals, involving airlines, limousine and computer companies, and real-estate ventures, for clients involved in heavy legal battles, and for those involved in every conceivable kind of occupation. Some have thought it to be based on prediction. But the true secret of divination is in the PRESENT timing of the event. This can now be revealed so that when YOU get that call, that offer, that idea, or when you are approached and asked for the investment of your time, energy and finances, you will know when to move, and when to act. You will know positively and for certain. It is this kind of certainty that makes us each excel in each and every area of our lives.

If you think that you can afford to live without this kind of guidance, think again…”

Its all in the NUMBERS
                      Its all in the NOW
                                          Its all in your PERSONAL TIMESCOPE

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