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"Thank you so much for such a wonderful call. The insight and guidance you gave me really has helped me to reaffirm and realign my visions and desires. Today I had such an amazing experience down at the beach with my dog and husband sketching my visions out with a pencil. I really felt inspired by this and was able to really feel where I am going. Otis is doing excellent as he returned back to normal the day after the call, as I began feeling really confident and had such clarity about my career and visions.

Since our consultation my visions have been coming rapidly into manifestation! Consciously working with Timegnosis has made a world of difference in my life.

I appreciate everything you have given me to work with. I've already listened to the call again and I downloaded it so you can remove it from the system. I'm sure that I will enjoy another consultation with you in the near future."
- Julie Kleinhans, schoolteacher (Shirley, New York)
"Thank you very much Allen, and thank you for the Gene Keys, I think that is amazing insight, just amazing! I don’t articulate myself well, so it is difficult for me to express, but I feel I got absolutely everything I was meant to and more! I continue to be amazed by the insights and mirrors I experience from TimeGnosis, your consultations and now the gene keys." - Natalie P., Animal Communicator (Ontario, Canada)
"I absolutely enjoyed (my TimeGnosis consultation) and shall certainly talk to you again, my best wishes..." - D. James (United Kingdom)
"Thank you very much Allen for the consultations for my husband and I, which were well received and greatly appreciated." - Deborah Sue Pomeroy-Reckmeyer, (The Plains, Virginia)
"Dear Friends at TimeGnosis, words escape me on how the very essence of the analysis provided to me has already started to reverberate within my subconscious after only one ‘day’ of myself reading about the patterns that have now risen to the surface since childhood.

This is money well spent, and my universe agrees! Since yesterday, relatively large sums of money I wasn't expecting have dropped into my lap. This is awesome to believe! My magnetism is now conscience. My acceptance is now part of my immediate, heart chakra consciousness. My naturalness allows others to accept who they are good or bad. My daughter has noticed the change immediately… she is more herself. Love and hugs,"
- Rebecca Bodo, (Port Coquitlam, BC Canada)
"It does definitely help me refine my focus day to day and give me courage to follow the energies and priorities." - Beth Southard (Orlando, Florida)
"It's amazing! I'm so glad I am having this time because I was not perceiving the depth of TimeGnosis and I am so glad I did have this consultation because now I understand a lot better... It just is not as surface as I was looking at it originally.

The system really is natural. I could say it's amazing (which it is) but its really aligning with our fundamental nature. Using it seems to be ‘how it's supposed to be!’ Without this knowledge, you could characterize it as being lost without a map. Or, wearing a snow parka on a hot summer day. Or, cooking without a recipe.

I truly am appreciative! Thanks again,"
- Polly M., (Boise, Idaho)
"Just to say a big thank you to Allen for his very in-depth and interesting consultation. I feel very optimistic about the future now. I will be sure to let you know of any positive major changes which I am sure are on their way... Thanks again, Have a fantastic day… …Best wishes!" - Robert Ansell, (Leeds, Great Britain)
"Thank you for your service, I’m really benefiting from the knowledge and ability to plan life in sync with the universe." - Andrew Miles, (Melbourne, Australia)
"I totally, completely related to everything in those (Gene) Keys, and I initially inquired to do this because of the way that I was feeling and honestly those keys just brought it all out… I feel much, much better recognizing what was written there. Thank you so much, I appreciate your words and your attention to all this information and I am just very deeply appreciative." - John T., L.M.T. (Maui, Hawaii)
"TimeGnosis to me is an invaluable tool that keys in knowledge on the Sacred growth patterns and synchronicity of the universe. It is bringing a fresh breath of continual harmony and oversight into the management of my company as well as my private life. Also the counseling that is offered by Mr. Allen David Reed as part of the TimeGnosis concept really seems to even further dial in the innate knowledge that lies in all of us and which allows us to cross the bridge to infinite possibilities in our life experience. My own and my company’s existence are benefiting tremendously from these ongoing consultations - ultimately making us better servants of the universe. My most heartfelt recommendations." - Jacob Lefèvre - founder of uvwoodprotection.com (Copenhagen, Denmark)
"I want to thank you for how effective and simple to use TimeGnosis really is. I mean really it is so easy and helpful it has impacted my life in many positive ways." - Michael Andreyev, (Scottsdale, Arizona)
"As an independent filmmaker, I have consulted with Allen on TimeGnosis and other Divination tools that have proven to be invaluable as I work towards the production of my first feature film. With limited resources, I find myself working often times in isolation. My consultations with Allen helped break up that isolation and really opened up my perspective to the bigger picture along with refining the smallest details. Because of his diverse background and extensive knowledge, he was able to advise me on many different areas of my project from fundraising to storyline. A true collaborator in his approach, he has empowered and inspired me to delve deeper into my exploration of myself, the Universe and all it's infinite knowledge." - (name withheld by request), Filmmaker (Lansing, Michigan)
"Nice! Gosh, this (personal consultation) has been great! This has been very helpful stuff, I enjoy your material too! I feel that this (work) is a very powerful tool that will become invaluable for mankind as we continue to traverse the cosmos at it's wonderful accelerated pace!!" - Lynetta S., Marketing Consultant (Ada, MI)
"I would love another reading and thought that the depth of your understanding of how things work was exhilarating!" - Kate Hart, (Pontiac, Michigan)
"TimeGnosis team and developer of Gene Key Summary... Wow, very very interesting material. The information is absolutely thought provoking and heart opening!" - Julie LaCroix - Medical Assistant, (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
"The consultation with Allen on the phone was exceptional, and I still keep the original notes, which helped greatly in my further interpretation of the Tarot and TimeGnosis." - Jolyon Terwilliger, Web Designer (New Mexico, USA)
"Thanks again Allen! That was an awesome consult! I'm all giddy now!" - Robert Fowler, (Saint Joseph, Michigan)
"Just wanted to say THANKS for the phone call. It was a great help and much appreciated. I have nothing but great things to say about TimeGnosis. Keep up the wonderful work and I'm more than happy to spread the word." - Jay Parsons, (Salem, Oregon)
"I am absolutely glad that I asked for this meeting, I'm glad I've listened to myself, didn't censor myself in what I really felt I needed to do, I mean... spending one hundred and twenty five dollars at the time may have seemed like... you know... a big deal, but with what I've learned well compensates for the greenbacks! Thank you so much for talking to me today Mr. Allen!" - Sidney R., Esoteric Researcher (London, UK)
"I found the TimeGnosis tool to be very helpful in setting up and running a business. When you have your own personal business it can at times consume all of your energy, if you aren't actively working there is often this "nagging" feeling that you should be marketing, doing bills, making calls, etc. The TimeGnosis helped to remind me to schedule "personal" time amongst all the things I "should" be doing, and allowed me to focus my "business" energies on specific days that were appropriate for it." - Kent Nixon, Acupuncturist (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
"The assistance that you provided me using TimeGnosis' tools, when applied, has proven beneficial guiding me towards success. I appreciated your unique approach with me:

You first gained a good foundation of who I am. You saw what levels of understanding I was coming from. You made sure that you understood what directions and goals I had set for myself to achieve. From this you were able to answer all my questions giving me the time I needed with you to be able to utilize TimeGnosis at full potential.

I'm a medically retired veteran, February 09. The healing process for me, before using TimeGnosis, was more of a chaotic struggle. I would push myself and my healing, often setting myself back in recovery. Now I utilize my daily TimeGnosis... this has helped me achieve much more equilibrium. These TimeGnosis tools have aided me tremendously with daily goals. I now have more enjoyment and relaxation with out the guilt that I should be doing more for my recovery. TimeGnosis has helped me create a balanced environment for myself, allowing best possible outcomes for healing to take place.

I truly appreciate the invaluable gifts I've received from TimeGnosis... To your continuing success! "
- Gina M. Fast, Retired Veteran (Spokane, Washington)
"Thank you very much Allen, the conversation was most helpful and I look forward to furthering my understanding (with the website you suggested). Any other tools you might suggest that continue along the same thread that you were weaving would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing the .mp3 (audio). Again, THANK YOU." - Elaine P. (Madera, California)
"Thank you for the consultation, I enjoyed it a great deal!" - Dano Gregori, Fitness Consultant (Beverly Hills, California)
"I just re-listened to the whole interview with my husband. Really excellent consultation and it really speaks to where we are now and the directions we want to go... the next steps. My husband initially opted not to sign up for a (TimeGnosis) consultation due to our current money situation. He now after listening to our phone call, definitely sees the value of the investment and will be contacting you to set up a time. THANK YOU again for such an insightful and fulfilling conversation." - (name withheld by request), Holistic Consultants (Virginia, USA)
"I have been using TimeGnosis almost daily along with the Tarot; they of course compliment each other and give me not only a meditation point for the day but also deliver me with some understanding of the universal cycles a well. I feel I want to know and understand the beauty of how the subconscious is working with TimeGnosis. I am seeking to have some insight into my personal behavior and responses and although the TimeGnosis aids me by giving my inner Self guidance and grounding letting me attune my Self to the cycles as I am always seeking to look with more depth. Thank you, " - Desley Bolton, (Kogan, Australia)
"TimeGnosis is amazing. It is a daily help not to be caught up in the daily ups and downs once you are warned and prepared a bit." - Karsten Bove, (Aarhus C, Denmark)
"I’m amazed at how accurate it is. Not just the numbers but the short blurbs about each day taken from the vast descriptions about the numbers. It’s useful stuff! Knowing the yin and yang cycles is most helpful, as well as the year and month numbers. I wish you and the team at TimeGnosis the best. Its work like that which can help people get in touch with their inner wisdom, or “oracle” (to quote Michael Tsarion). There is a lot of ground to cover." - Jeremy
"Allen is very thorough and professional with many tools from his professional and personal experiences to share with me. The TimeGnosis approach to narrowing down the most ideal Soul track for me at this time of my life (combined with dowsing with a scale of 1 to 10 for measurement) also appeared to be a unique and successful way of eliciting un-biased information via the questions that were asked...and yes, asking the correct/most accurate questions is key to this process.

My question was mainly getting Higher/neutral Guidance concerning my next steps in my Souls work/development and the answer to that is YES! I did solve my questions… Directly and Indirectly as I realized that the ultimate answer to such a personal question is to go within… It is all inside of me and this would be the indirect result that has come from this process while combining the information you helped bring out as well.

I am now clearer in fulfilling my intended purpose and yet, I realize too that I must be patient to wait for the Divine Timeline to unfold more of the details that have yet to come. This process with Allen has also helped me to trusting - in terms of confirmations that Allen helped reveal that all is in order and that I am not that far off my Souls' track as I had thought previous to this most helpful session! I also really appreciated the fact that this session was taped on-line and efficiently emailed it to me for immediate and continued listening as needed! "
- James Ayotte, Hypnotherapist (Pahoa, Hawaii)
"First I'd like to tell you that even just subscribing to TimeGnosis and getting familiar with it is very, very helpful. It gives some very simple, yet really empowering advice, so thank you very much! It is fantastic, it is a really good price, even for Bulgaria - it is absolutely affordable..." - Vanya Toneva, Intuitive Consultant (Burgas, Bulgaria)
"The project I did using Allen's numbers went very much in a positive nature and the stress factor...things that could go wrong - well it just went well. Compare that with many previous projects being what was "normal" - high stress, high work, doesn't come easy...using the Calendar, Allen, Numerology - makes the difference!

I've been using the TimeGnosis calendar for about half a year and it's made me more aware of living in the moment and preparing for the future. I can feel the difference in the different numbered days (8 day versus a 7 day for example) while I'm living them. This is important because before, I'd just go on day by day, week by week, doing tasks and projects, and if I felt tired, well I just figured I was running out of gas.

Now I know better, as one is required to pace themselves and be in harmony with the different parameters of these day numbers instead of forcing my will upon any and every day.

I'm just beginning to grasp all of this "Magic" (TimeGnosis focuses on Numerology, and I've joined the Taroscopes.com Mystery School), and it's like stepping into a Harry Potter story, where I was the dumb Muggle who happened to see something Magical and Unexplained. Here's the best way I can describe this "Magic": EVERYTHING has an influence on you unless you can "sidestep" it akin to avoiding a traveling bus while crossing the street. "Physical" natures or properties of things can be easily felt (effect-influence) depending upon how solid they are.

For example, a heavy leather coat is more constrictive to wear than a silk coat, yes? Are you as mobile or flexible with the heavy leather coat or the lighter silk coat? While the properties of these coats will influence or effect you, the heavier the material, the more noticeable the effect. Consider a coat made of metal chain - obviously it will effect your body's movement even more. Its effects are easily noticed. Consider that the effects are on the physical body and not on the Mind or Nature of oneself. But could there be things that are so "light" that we can't see or feel them using our body, but we can "sense" them using our Intuitive Right Brain? Current Quantum Physics states that humans see less than 1% of the "matter" that surrounds them.

Doesn't that mean we're essentially blind to what is surrounding us, or "containing us"? Let's consider that for a moment.

Next consider the effect or influence of a container's properties on water: a cylindrical shaped (a mug) container "limits" the water to within its properties, yes? If the Container's shape is changed, then the water will follow suit, yes? Suppose that out of the 99% of "matter" that we humans can NOT see, that we are immersed in this matter, and thus we are like fish in this sea of hidden matter. To assume 99% of matter we can't see has no effect on us at all...well that seems to me to be illogical to say the least. Okay so let's assume we're like the fish surrounded by this unseen matter - call it Energy. As the water in a mug, lake, or ocean is "contained" and "effected" by the shape (parameters-limitations) of its "container", then we too, like everything else surrounded by this Energy - we are affected by what "contains" the Energy. The containment we will refer to as "Influence".

Next, I want you to consider your "Spirit" or "Soul" (Life-force). Another person's Life-force or Spirit is easy to see, as this is what "animates" that person, or makes them "Alive". If you've ever seen someone you knew at their funeral, this becomes very obvious. The body that's left has no Spirit or Life-force. It's inanimate. Dead. There is no disagreeing with this, yet we humans know virtually nothing about what constitutes, makes up, or are the parameters of this Spirit. So while everyone agrees we have a Spirit that's "within" our body and leaves at death, let's consider that Energy (that 99%) affects and "contains" our Spirit.

This Energy can be considered similar to a tapestry or web of interwoven containers that we all live in during our lives yet we can't see it...we can only sense it, IF we concentrate using our Intuition. The Intuition may need to be developed using various Right brain technologies because society has conditioned us to be Left brained rational linguistic thinkers. Left brains think instead of Imagine.

Imagine you're in something like the Harry Potter stories: there exists an Energetic web of interwoven containers that, while appearing to be magical, it exists nevertheless and thus defines our character's attributes - what makes us similar and different from others. These containers, woven together, join us all like the city streets join houses and buildings together...they have their defined paths that can't be broken, but must be navigated.

Number archetypes are one of the components that configure this Energetic Web. There are more: Tarot, Astrology, and Kabala as well. Everything that exists is numbered, just like everything on earth has a component from the periodical table of elements. Water is H20 as most know. H20 and it's components are made up of "Energy." I'm trying to give you Metrics to this Energy.

Here's where we come back to reality so to speak. The average human is looking for some common sense answers to how to run their live and to succeed. Try harder, do more with less - this is the current attitude in society. Does it work for you? One can't force themselves through the streets of this energetic tapestry blindly - that's impossible. This is why people start projects, make purchases, only to have them crash in brilliant defeat, usually at a large cost, both financial and personal. Why? Because they stepped out into the bus. Because they setup shop in the middle of the road. Because they are trying to do something at the wrong time, the wrong place, and frankly something that they are not designed to do.

While I may have gone deeper than most would expect in my testimonial for the calendar, for me it's crucial as I want to know just what IS this calendar, other than a bunch of numbers saying who you are and where you're going.

Speaking of this calendar, it's super easy to use...like using a calculator for your checkbook instead of doing it by hand. I use this calendar to select periods of time in my future to start or end a project. I also put a "time stamp" on anyone or anything that comes into my awareness (I meet them in person, by referral, email, phone) and thus evaluate whether or not the person-thing is good for me relative for a kind of relationship or project. If I want to plan something, I look ahead in the calendar for supportive numbers.

Anything more complicated or important, I'll have a consultation over the phone with Allen. I've found him to be very specific to nailing down in future the timing for projects to be done and with his experience in these sorts of things, he'll help me plan in stages for some of my more elaborate projects...thus being useful for me to reduce my mistakes.

In closing to this very long yet hopefully informative review, the more you know about how life is "configured" and its parameters (limitations-boundaries), the more easier your life will become. It's like having your eyes open while driving in traffic on the roads, versus having no eyesight which is how humans live their lives - blind to Destiny's rules and parameters. A final note: many people believe that what they don't know about - is optional...as in "it doesn't affect me because I don't believe it". Whatever is beyond one's knowledge and beliefs is the myth of fairy tales...and fairy tales have no effect on the ignorant. Nothing is further than the truth. The only true option here - is you to reverse your ignorance.

There are none so blind as those that have eyes and decide to keep them closed. Thanks... "
- Kerry Boytzun, Computer Technician (Lexington, Kentucky)
"First let me start by saying that I’ve loved getting my Timescopes everyday for the last year." - Deborah Jones, (Meriden, Connecticut)
"Man... you hit me right on the head with that personality assessment (birth number special report)." - William Emerson
"TimeGnosis has been an excellent tool for me. I use it everyday. What I have found the most helpful is the guidance to know HOW to address my day, for example whether it is a good day to speak up at work or to listen. Even little things like when NOT to expect punctuality from myself or others! Just that little 'timely' wisdom has saved me MUCH frustration on more than one occasion.

I had a personal consultation when I first began TimeGnosis which was very helpful too. Understanding my partners numbers in relation to mine, and how we can be a balancing force in each other's life (or drive each other nuts!) was a true insight for me.(The timing of that consultation was auspicious for me, being a 5/5/5!)

To be honest with you when I first sought out TimeGnosis my life (due to traumas etc.) was stagnant. Once I began observing my own person cycles everything began to move again! I was finally able to finalize a divorce that had been stalled for years. As a recognition, when my settlement came in I paid my tuition to Taroscopes Mystery School. I wanted to show support for Michael's body of work as it has been so helpful to me in my life. (I have used my study of the Tarot to nurture symbolism in my consciousness which has also been beneficial.)

The divorce was only the first thing to "move", within the first few months of following my cycles I found a fantastic new place to live (in fact my own personal paradise!) in North Vancouver, BC and I was offered a new job within the first few weeks in my new home. I had been so in tune, I was able to say to my partner in the morning "Do not be surprised if I get a job offer today." and call him in the afternoon to say "Guess what? I DID get a job offer today!" It was ALL EFFORTLESS. I simply listened to my own timing through the tool of TimeGnosis and responded accordingly.

And the beauty continues. Following TimeGnosis has affected even the way I see and relate to people. I have met the most interesting, kind and centered people (a miracle itself in today's world). I have so much more confidence in myself and my path.

I wish I were able to more articulately share my thoughts and experiences. I sincerely find your system to be fantastic, I can not imagine not using it and I recommend it to people when I have the opportunity.

All the best to you, Michael and your team Allen. In my estimation you are both fine examples of living beings and I am grateful to have benefited from your work. Thank you. "
- Natalie Perrault, (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)
"I am still digesting all the information you provided and while I have yet to see any "material" changes in the way of commercial success - I will say that the information given in the consultation was very insightful and eye opening and very rewarding spiritually… TimeGnosis has also helped me in that I have noticed the yin and yang and different energies of the days and when I go with the numbers and go with the flow so to speak, my days do seem to go smoother, and I have more insight into the days when things don't seem to go my way. I know what to look for and what to be wary of." - name withheld by request), Fashion Designer (Plano, Texas)
"BTW, the program really is excellent. As soon as you apply the information contained in the TimeGnosis calendar everything immediately gets a certain natural flow which is undeniable. Confidence levels soar when these inner gears so to speak are lined up and well oiled instead of being stripped and rusted. Thanks for all the work that went into creating this." - Matt Reis (Valparaiso, Indiana)
"I find TimeGnosis vary useful and necessary. I have learned how to use it to predict future events." - Luis Bonilla (Port Jefferson Station, New York)
"TimeGnosis helped me relax into the present moment by identifying the introvert and extrovert moments that I could optimize. It allowed me to let go and participate fully with the energies that were up for me each day without trying to force things or over react when they were not unfolding as I had wished. It gave me the attunement to move with the currents of life and for this I am very grateful." - Sienna Lea, Author (Carlsbad, California)
"I have indeed seen - and lived - the magic of TimeGnosis synchronicity these past months and have found it absolutely invaluable. Each morning I spend a moment tuning-in to the days' indicators and adjust my rhythm accordingly - with amazing results. My life is both more gentle and effective. I am having a lot more fun too... and did I mention success! Thank you so much! I recommend TimeGnosis wholeheartedly to all who desire going with their natural internal flow - rather than paddling hard against the tide, Bravo!" - Pen Wooller, Counselor (Sydney, Australia)
"I've been a member of TimeGnosis for about eight months and it has really made a difference. I get the daily guide to what my number is for the day, and it is amazing how often and how accurate it hits for that day. The numbers are definitely so much more in tune than a zodiac sign, fortune telling and all that. The TimeGnosis numbers really, really do match up and it is an awesome, awesome deal... Thank you!" - Nina David, Medical Billing (Spring Texas)
"I read my TimeGnosis– first thing each morning." - Susan Blanchard, Corporate Communications Consultant (Kent, Washington, USA)
"TimeGnosis worked for me as far as I was able to see the connection with that days events with the numbers and I tried using the preparedness of looking ahead in the calendar by reserving energy and using energy in directed ways on their specific days.

Now since then, through my own research into world alphabets, number systems, alchemical symbolism and patterns, I have started seeing the meaning behind the numbers more. "
- Brent Cochran, (Redding, California)
"So far my impression with Timegnosis is that it's right on. I probably haven't used it to the full extent possible that I could but with all the changes with job and residence I've had to put on hold my start-up business ideas and desires to be financially independant.

As for a personal level it has helped me keep my energy focused and try and plan ahead. It is very interesting to report that on the high energy days I often sense them before I check the Timegnosis calendar. And often I don't check the calendar for days or weeks then the day after a high energy day I'll just check the calendar and bam, it's right on. Another interesting note is that sometimes I feel those high energy days starting a half a day in advance of the calendar. I have been very pleased with Timegnosis and I don't see myself being without it. I am a strong believer in the power of the "spirit". Not only our own spirit but the spirit that permeates the universe. Timegnosis seems to help those be more in tune with that spirit to help them progress mentally and spiritually. Thanks!"
- Glenn Grossman, Entrepreneur, Civil Engineering Designer, Landscape Designer, Artist (North Las Vegas, Nevada)
"It took me a while to notice a significant correspondence between the personal Timescope advice and daily events in my life. However, at one point it clicked... the advice quite accurately predicted trends and proposed suitable responses to the situations that presented themselves. Had I not heeded the advice, things might have taken a different turn changing a favorable outcome into something less desirable." - Nicole Langlois, (Brossard, Canada)
"I have learned a lot about myself. I usually look at Time gnosis day energy in the morning and then forget it. When reviewing my day, I look at it and sometimes realize by focusing and remembering that TimeGnosis energy of the day might have helped my attitude." - Dennis Hess, photo, video journalism and telecommunication (Clarkdale, Arizona)
"I want to thank support for sending the daily time scopes early in the morning. I get up at midnight to get ready for work and my daily reading is there between 12:00 and 1:00am. I follow the number days and life seems to be "falling in place" more and more." - Roy Baker, (Abilene, Texas)
"I enjoy my TimeGnosis tool and want to continue." - Guido Borghans, (Brighton, Great Britain)
"I have been totally amazed at the accuracy of this daily guide. It has been a welcome addition to my personal planning and actions. At first I just read it along with any other emails and horoscopes I received. I started to notice that it was the only guide that addressed specific topics and areas in my life that were pressing that day. I was feeling disappointed about having to cancel an appointment because I was just too sick to go. I looked at TimeGnosis for the day and it said in a nutshell 'you're sick and should go to bed'. I did. That is just one of many examples where TimeGnosis has been incredibly on target. I am a Reiki teacher and also a Qigong Instructor. I often have to plan ahead for weekend workshops in other states. It is amazing to me that the dates I look up in the TimeGnosis calendar are always the ones that are auspicious for my work. Only once did I schedule a workshop and then saw that it wasn't a good weekend for teaching according to the TimeGnosis calendar. I decided to leave it there and see what happened. The workshop was cancelled at the last minute by the hosts. I wasn't surprised by that time! With palms together..." - Karen Schlachter (Atco, New Jersey)
"I have subscribed to TimeGnosis for years and find the information very useful." - Genevieve Cross, (Oakland, California)
"I am a happy user of your excellent service... Thank you so much for the Gene Key Hologenetic Profile. It really provides tremendous depth of understanding of my psychological self and indeed my very Being. This I am very grateful for!" - Mikael Ehmsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
"...a note to add about your method feels so True: "Timing" is just so Top's when one at Right Time and Right place through Timing; "I most certainly Do Not dig Clam's at High Tide!"" - Roger Francisco, (Kenai, Alaska)
"I love the service and I’m glad I bought it. It's a great asset in turbulent times to have specifically focused and timely wisdom and common sense to remind me daily. The author has immense grace and a rare ability to apply it to practical daily use in real time." - Jacqueline Mackay, (London, United Kingdom)
"Just a little note to tell you that this (TimeGnosis) site is amazing. It has literally helped me change my life and strategize appropriately. I can predict certain days now and have the "flow" coming to me more naturally. If I wasn't such an open person to this kind of "stuff" it would be downright scary! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" - Name withheld by request, (West Haven, Connecticut)
"TimeGnosis has not worked exactly the way I thought or originally hoped that it would. It's like I signed up for it to make my route to a certain destination easier. But the route it's taken me on is so completely different and that much richer than I could have imagined. It hasn't been "easier", per se, but it has been anything but boring and is having me aim for completely different destinations.

In essence, utilizing TimeGnosis has set forth a mechanism in which I am finding or working through answers of much larger and much more profound questions about my life and purpose that, until now, I've been unable to answer. I may be "broke," but I'm so much happier. Oh - and as an added bonus, just about everything I've set out to do since utilizing TimeGnosis has culminated in some odd version of success."
- Alice Shin, Food Writer (Brooklyn, New York)
"I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first but, just like it says, I am experiencing results already. It's a great form of direction, and I can't wait to finish the day, rest easy and start the next. I'm absolutely amazed... today, I knew where to place my focus and I really feel in sync with what I'm doing. I still can't believe it!

TimeGnosis is working out great for me. If anything it helps give me a well balanced schedule and great things have been happening since I began to go with it. Not everything said on the given day materializes but, a lot of it does! I have no complaints about TimeGnosis what so ever. It's great! "
- Jay Parsons, (Salem, Oregon)
"I am a member of your taroscopes.com mystery school and currently studying the online materials. I would like to thank you for creating this school, because it is opening new doors for learning and understanding the truths of life.

I am also a member of TimeGnosis and I am very often surprised about the accuracy of that system. It helps to understand every single day much better than before I even new that TimeGnosis exists. Now I can do and act according to what is the theme of the day. "
- Jerzy "George" Fusaro
"...AM enjoying my second week of Timescopes and it is great!" - Robert Marzonie (Richmond, Michigan)
"It has been really fascinating, not only with getting this current job position but going back through the years. I had gotten into a really bad job when I first got here and I used the Personal Timescopes to pick the best ending time and on a leap of faith quit before having put out any resumes or doing any looking and within one day landed another position, with better pay, and a lot less stressful. I like the feature where you can go back to previous years to see what has transpired. Going back in time to see when events occurred - it matches up! It's a great service!" - Julie Anglin, Art Teacher (North Redington Beach, Florida)
"...through the information... thought processes have changed and allowed abundance to flow to and through me" - Frances Smart (Everson, Washington)
"Yes, I enjoy reading My Personal TimeGnosis information every morning. It makes my day more meaningful and focused experience... All the different aspects of each number is quite amazing! I am able to see all the synchronicities in my life. Thank you so much for all you do to make this possible for me. Peace and blessings..." - Saniye Gungor, Sanivan Holistic Retreat and Spa (Hurleyville New York)
"I thought I was looking at it a day behind (by mistake), and saw that it was word for word what happened that day. This feels like it is opening up your Soul... It has become to feel as if it is an extension of myself!" - Kay Jones, Nurse (Chicago, Illinois)
"TimeGnosis has been very helpful in keeping me on the main road. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet, all I have is here and now and TimeGnosis. It is not what I do or how much I do, it is the value of what I do in relation to my goals. Thank you TimeGnosis!" - Gino Ray (San Diego, California)
"I am quite surprised at the "empowerment" I get... its very subtle and subliminal" - Lori Hubbs (Salem, Missouri)
"I have become very aware and sensitive to the flow of my Yin and Yang cycles, which has helped synch me up with my natural rhythm quite effortlessly. As a scientist, I take careful note of patterns. The synchronicities that are lining up daily for me now are astounding!" - Allen Reed, Entrepreneur (Santa Cruz, California)
"I love my daily TimeGnosis. It's a great re-minder to help guide me through the day. I recommend it to anyone who likes to be mindful of their thoughts and actions." - Bebe Brewer, Artist (Ann Arbor Michigan, USA)
"Yes, the synchronicity of the TimeGnosis system is quite amazing! The very first thing I did, after subscribing and receiving my Personal Timescope calendar, was to go back to significant dates of the previous year and compare the real life 'drama' I had endured, with what the numbers had revealed about each particular day. Wow! If I'd only had that kind of insight back then, as I do now, my road would have been less bumpy. 2005 was a horrible year for me (at least it seemed so at the time) with many painful losses in my personal relationship with others, especially one person in particular. It was a 'seven year' for me and everything I now know I should have avoided, I did wholeheartedly. Everything I should have focused upon, I let fall by the wayside. What a mess! I wish I had heard about TimeGnosis a year earlier...

However, since becoming aware of this amazing system and accepting it's guidance, my life has done a complete '180'. This is now an 'eight year' for me, and after 3 years of striving to simply lower my personal debt, I can now say that I have eliminated it. I sold my house this year and was just able to pay off everything I owed. What a relief and what freedom! That house had been on the market for 10 months without one single offer. Then I started using TimeGnosis to influence my Realtor as to the best days to schedule an 'open house' and other 'insightful' ideas. To be honest, I didn't tell him from where I had received such insight. I simply gave him a well-informed, power-push in the right direction... on the right days. 2005 was a complete mystery to me and a comedy of errors, but I knew what I was doing in 2006... thanks to my Personal Timescope! Also, I am looking forward to the guidance I shall receive in the upcoming year, my 'nine year', for it promises to be especially significant for me (as my date of birth might indicate). I expect to finally be able to close my heart's door on a toxic love relationship that I had foolishly left ajar since 2005. I think 2007 will be my perfect year for closure, letting go and moving on. Should be quite interesting. Thank you so much for all you do to help bring this "magic" into our lives..."
- Marie Stevens, Retail Supervisor, (Fort Gratiot, Michigan)
"TimeGnosis has made an incredible impact in my life. The best thing I like about it is for me power days, and when to turn the switch off and take it easy. I'm delighted when something shows up on the eleven and twenty days, I'm very aware of it... feeling more in synch, more in tune and more in harmony and generating things from that standpoint. It has been great to shift days off to other than weekends! TimeGnosis has answered for me why I would have a lot of energy some days and then be knocked out at mid day. Great stuff!" - Bryan Brey, Luxury Homes Real Estate Broker (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"I am very happy to have the Timescope, it is like having a personal coach. It helps guide me to the activities that I should be doing... I feel more confident" - Rosalind Campbell, Mortgage Officer (Tracy, California)
"My son gave me a subscription to TimeGnosis as a gift. Although I was and am somewhat skeptical about the numerological system on which the Timescopes are based, I look forward to receiving them daily. When I first go to my computer in the morning, there it is. I take time to read this email even if I am busy because what it says enters my consciousness and sub consciousness, giving me something positive to think about and look for every day. By seeking out the good things and preemptively recognizing possible issues that may occur for me, I am always more alert and aware. This is an interesting and powerful form of daily affirmation." - S. Hancock, University Professor (Gainesville, Florida)
"I subscribe to TimeGnosis and it really helps me, and the membership is so little for what you get - and by the way - I love the website!" - Monica Fuhrman, Fine Artist (Akron, Ohio)
"I have had TimeGnosis reports for the past year and have found them to be most synchronistic. I read it every morning before I start my day. The energy that I am feeling for the day is usually correlated to what my TimeGnosis report is telling me. I have noticed that when it doesn't match, it is because I have overdone extrovert activity on a previous low key day.

At first I wasn't quite sure what to do with the information, and then I started changing my expectations of myself toward what is going on internally with my readings. At some point I hope to be organized enough to plan my life around them, but this isn't something that I normally do in any case. I live quite spontaneously and make as few plans as possible outside of necessity, leaving myself the freedom to choose my activity based on how I feel that day.

Altogether I can honestly say that I have found a grounding in reading my TimeGnosis report. It explains why my experience is not necessarily in tune with the outside world, and gives me an understanding that my energy flow is following its own course. It keeps me from the frustration of thinking I should be "up" for external events that appear, when I'm not really in sync with them. This enables me to cut myself some slack, where I normally would be upset that I wasn't performing as well as I know I could, I now understand that I am on a natural flow that may not necessarily coincide with outside demands.

I would recommend joining TimeGnosis for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of their internal state and their relationship and response to outside events."
- Kandise Barr (Coventry Rhode Island)
"I really look forward to my weekly TimeGnosis email to help provide a guide for my week's activities and commitments. Having my daily numbers at hand really has made a difference, sometimes it's a subtle nuance to the day, other times it's amazing how direct and obviously relevant they are to me and my life. Having my own personal coaching gives me that edge, that confidence and knowing that I am working with and at least trying to be in harmony with the universe. It's a great feeling!" - Gerry Rice, Entrepreneur (Ashburn, Virginia)
"I have been using my Personal Timescope membership for a little under a year now and must say that the benefits have well been worth the small price for membership. I often consult my Timescope for the "bigger decisions" in my life that I must make and think it is absolutely helpful for small ones as well. Also as a guide to wellness and all around advice for my personal life. It has been well worth it. I have noticed many more of my goals met since I've been consulting my Personal Timescope. Thanks to everyone at TimeGnosis." - Matt Presti (Salem, Missouri)
"I am surprised how things began to change in my life in a positive way. I must also say that it is amazing how my mood or my energy is similar to the calendar. At first I was thinking that the calendar influenced me, so I tested it. Some times I first felt how I felt and then around noon I checked the calendar, and it was still similar! It also helped me to accept myself more, about the fact that you cannot be the same way everyday. A lot of people do, and I didn't and I used to think that something was wrong with me - one day like this, the other like that for no reason - but it makes sense now. I'm beginning to enjoy life more and I feel better about myself. I am satisfied... thank you!" - Sophie Guillaume (Antwerpen, Belgium)
"Thanks so much for taking the time to reply personally to my concerns. It is a rare thing these days, and very meaningful. I have spent some time reading everything you suggested, and reading all the information on the website, and now feel I have a much more clear sense of learning to flow with these rhythms. It is a difficult concept for us to understand in our culture, so separated are we from everything natural, and it is going to take some study and deep observation, but already I feel a difference in the way I watch my day go by. It feels like a sense of less resistance, somehow, more acceptance, sort of a fleeting feeling of 'oh, that's what it is!' So, once again, thanks for your encouragement. I think the reference to the yin and yang flow was the most helpful - that's the part I was missing, and it has helped everything begin to make more sense. Gratefully..." - Janet McQueen (Stonewall, Canada)
"I do enjoy looking and seeing what day it is for me." - Barbara Pollock (Chase, BC, Canada)